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Signature Beauty Plans:  Terms and Conditions

Bussiness Information

Anna Beauty Salon ApS

Rosengården 9, 1174

København, Denmark

CVR nr.: 40097171
Phone: + 45 28515917


General Terms and Conditions:


Signature Beauty Plans offered on our website are personal, non-transferable, and non-cumulative. The value paid for a plan cannot be used in exchange for other services offered in our salon.


Anna Beauty Salon reserves the authority to modify the content, services, and pricing of our signature beauty plans and update their terms at any given time. Any modifications made will not impact existing clients who have already secured their plans.


  • Clients securing a beauty plan obtain privileged access to services at a special rate, unavailable to one-time bookings. Additional services not covered in the plan will be subject to separate charges.

  • All signature beauty plans grant one booking session for the current billing cycle (every 03 weeks, or monthly depending on the plan). The number of sessions will reset at the beginning of each payment period until the plan expires or is canceled.

  • The number of sessions will reset at the beginning of each payment period until the plan expires or is canceled.

  • Clients can access their beauty plan details at any moment, under "My subscriptions" in their member's area.

Plan Specifications:

  • Each plan clearly outlines the included services, plan duration, and all applicable charges are in DKK, Danish Kroner, and include VAT.

  • Charges will be automatically deducted from the client's registered payment method.

  • In the event of a payment failure, clients will be notified via email and are given a 3-day window to update their payment details.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Clients are granted a 14-day grace period from the date of plan purchase to cancel without incurring any cancellation fees. Any appointment carried out during this period will be charged from the client's registered payment method.

  • Should a client opt for cancellation after the 14-day grace period, they will be billed for an additional billing cycle at the rate of their chosen plan.

  • After a tenure of 3 months from the date of plan purchase, clients are entitled to cancel their plan without incurring any cancellation fees.

  • Clients billed for the current cycle or month at the time of cancellation retain the right to book and attend their scheduled session within 3 weeks of the cancellation date.

  • Failing to utilize the service within the specified 3-week window will result in the forfeiture of the service's value.



  • Clients can reschedule their appointments free of charge within 24 hours of the beginning of their booking appointment notice.

  • Clients that fail to reschedule their appointment within 24 hours notice will lose the value of the services for that current billing month or cycle. 


Staff Allocation:

  • We cannot guarantee which staff will attend you. Assignments are based on staff schedules and bookings.

Personal Data Policy:

  • We process your data to handle inquiries.

  • To agree to buy a plan on our website, we require the following information:

  1. First Name and Last Name;

  2. Billing Address;

  3. Phone number;

  4. Email address;

  5. Information about the plan a client has purchased;

  6. Checked the option you've read and you've agreed with these terms;


For any assistance regarding your signature beauty plans, please get in touch with us, by phone at our opening hours or by email:

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