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Experience the Jean Paul Mynè Keratin Revolution at Anna Beauty

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Whether you're grappling with frizz, unwieldy volume, or simply seeking a fresh style, the solution might be nestled in a keratin treatment. At Anna Beauty Salon, not only do we prioritize your hair's health and beauty, combining advanced technology with natural ingredients, but we also exclusively trust the revered Jean Paul Mynè. Hailing from Italy's heart, Jean Paul Mynè epitomizes hair care mastery. Dive into our guide highlighting our signature Jean Paul Mynè keratin treatments to discover the perfect fit for you.

1. Keratin Plus Gold: The Gold Standard in Hair Smoothing

  • Ideal for: Very curly, frizzy natural or treated hair.

  • Benefits: Among the first in the market, the Keratin Plus Gold ensures a top-tier hair smoothing experience. Restored shine, reduced volume, and a manageable mane for up to 5 months - all with the trusted quality of Jean Paul Mynè.

  • Hair Type: Perfect for both dark and light hair up to golden blonde. For other types, consider our other treatments - Keratin Plus Infinity or Keratin Plus Infinity Ice.

2. Keratin Plus Adamantium: Revolution in a Bottle

  • Ideal for: Those aiming for the dual benefits of a keratin treatment in the simplicity of a shampoo.

  • Benefits: Jean Paul Mynè's Keratin Plus Adamantium captures the magic of hair treatment in a shampoo—discipline, nourishment, and hydration, lasting for 3 cherished months.

  • Hair Type: Suitable for a spectrum from dark to very light bases. If you have cool highlights, they might achieve a subtle yellowish hue.

3. Keratin Plus Infinity: Discipline, Defined

  • Ideal for: All hair types craving discipline, volume control, and a touch of natural straight elegance.

  • Benefits: With Jean Paul Mynè's Oxilamine technology, Keratin Plus Infinity is a treatment that caters to every strand, promising up to 5 months of sheer hair brilliance.

  • Hair Type: It's versatile and caters from dark to very light bases. Lighter shades should note the potential for a slight yellowing.

4. Keratin Plus Infinity Ice: The Light-Haired Dream

  • Ideal for: Light blonde, severely bleached, or white hair.

  • Benefits: Jean Paul Mynè understands the nuances of light hair. This treatment uses Oxilamine technology, infused with a precious anti-yellow pigment. Expect no color shifts, just radiant hair for up to 5 months.

  • Hair Type: Crafted specifically for very light, cool bases.

Elevate Your Hair Experience with Jean Paul Mynè at Anna Beauty Salon

Opt for excellence. Select expertise. Trust in Jean Paul Mynè. At Anna Beauty Salon, our commitment is to provide you with a hair transformation that's as stunning visually as it feels to the touch. We're here to assist and provide clarity if you have any questions.

Ready for a change? Schedule an appointment with us and witness the transformative difference firsthand!

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